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Brand Strategy

The strength of any brand development exercise is in its planning. Our aim is to find the nugget of truth that makes a business truly different and on which a brand can be built. The process is collaborative, pragmatic, fast, and is designed to bring people together to formulate one single view of an organisation. With the brand strategy defined, the creative process can begin.



Inspiration for a great name can come from anywhere - mythology, storytelling, family, history, and flora and fauna can all provide impetus. The most important consideration though is that it has the potential to represent your business, product or service. And to do that it needs to be: appropriate, differentiating, pronounceable (everywhere!), and memorable.

Identity design

A logo identity is the face of a company, product or service. It is the start and the heart of the visual brand language. In the mind of the customer it represents everything its stands for. Successful brand are supported by identities that are unique, memorable, vibrant and relevant. We craft ones that are also also designed to be scalable, consistent and flexible. We make branding easy.


Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are the instruction manual to show how to use a visual identity. They provide the framework that defines the visual assets and shows how to use them in each circumstance. Brand guidelines are useful, and the larger the organisation, the more helpful they become. We can help you manage your brand so that it grows in value.


The power of stationery is not to be underestimated. It punches well above its weight in the marketing hierarchy. A business card, for instance, can represent professionalism, credibility, creativity and more. The choice of a quality paper stock, special finish, colour, typography and strong design can give an impression which speaks volumes about an organisation. Take the time to perfect your stationery. It adds true value to a brand.


Great print design gets you noticed. It gives your customers a way to tangibly engage with your brand. From the first impression of well-crafted stationery to the weight of a corporate brochure; printed collateral can help to move you nearer to the point of making a sale. Print has real impact. We create a consistent brand language across all print design, whilst defining fonts, colours, styles, imagery and the tone of voice. On top of that we devise creative arresting concepts designed to be different.